My brain offers up terrible thoughts that make me feel anxiety.

I feel tightness in my chest and jaw muscles and stop breathing for a whole minute. A heaviness in the pit of my stomach. Hands balled in a fist.

I have to stop and notice all the physical sensations and take a long, deep breath. 

Sometimes, I’m able to turn it around pretty quickly. Sometimes, I spin in anxiety for hours. 

What I’ve learned over the past few years is that feeing anxious isn’t who I am. It’s both emotion and physical sensations I feel because of my thoughts. 

My thoughts about losing someone I love in the future, or about not getting something important done on time or the way I want it, Cory feeling any kind of pain or discomfort, all kinds of stuff.

Where do these thoughts come from? 

When I don’t direct my brain to solve problems that I want it to solve then it will create problems on its own. It’s very efficient and good at that. It’s my job to manage it, remind it that I’m in charge, and bring myself back to this present moment and KNOW that this is all there is. 

Right here and now. 

And I breathe. I’m at peace with what is.

Excavate, Cultivate, Elevate!

Are you preparing for what you really want? ⁣

Once you’ve dug up the old stories and limiting beliefs (THOUGHTS), you can change the story and decide how you want you want to think and feel instead (EMOTIONS).⁣

After you make the decision, no looking back! You’re ready but what’s next? ⁣

Aligned ACTION.

You must take the steps toward the changes you want to make that align with your new thoughts and feelings.⁣

When you think thoughts that make you feel EMPOWERED you will take different actions than if you felt depleted, for instance. What do you DO when you feel they way you want to? ⁣

These actions are CULTIVATING your life, preparing for what’s to come. ⁣

It looks like this…⁣

Cleaning out one half of your closet for your future life partner you’re attracting to your life.💗⁣

Creating the product of your future clients’ dreams.

Waking up every morning at the same time to make sure you write your book within a certain timeframe.🤓⁣

Setting out your workout clothes the night before, preparing for the run you marked in your calendar.🏃🏽⁣

These are just a few examples of the unlimited ways to prepare and act in the way your future self would tell you of how he/she achieved those goals on your vision board. ⁣

How are you showing up today for your future self? What aligned actions are you taking towards your dreams? ⁣

If you’re feeling stuck with this step, just go back to square one, your thoughts! ⁣

If you need help, this is where a coach comes in handy! We all need help looking at our own brains. 🧠⁣

Let’s EXCAVATE the old, CULTIVATE with aligned action, so we can ELEVATE to a whole new level! 💪🏼⁣



What does it mean to be resilient?⁣

I used to think I was resilient. I mean, I could tell you a lot of stories of the adversity I’ve been through to prove it. But it wasn’t until I started my deep dive into myself over the past couple of years with coaching that I realized I wasn’t so much resilient as I was really good at buffering my emotions with food, alcohol, and shopping. And if I just couldn’t take it anymore I would just quit whatever I was trying to accomplish and just lie to myself saying that it just wasn’t my thing anymore or blame something outside of myself.⁣

If I had a problem usually one or all of the above would help ease my suffering…or so I thought. ⁣

Turns out I was just adding suffering on top of suffering by not processing my emotions, overeating and gaining weight, over-drinking and suffering hangovers and bad decisions, overspending and going into debt. ⁣

I’ve since learned that resilience comes from doing things even when they’re hard. ⁣

Feeling uncomfortable and even super painful emotions. ⁣

Doing the work on yourself that you’ve been avoiding. ⁣

Taking responsibility for your own emotions and your own life. ⁣

It may suck right now but it pays off later. Apply this to any circumstance and you will see that you have the power of resilience inside. ⁣

You can overcome anything if you’re willing to feel any emotion. ⁣

When you realize you can feel the worst of the worst and not drop dead from that emotion you build a self-confidence like never before.⁣

I can do super, really hard, uncomfortable things.⁣

I can feel any emotion. ⁣

I am resilient.

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Book Rec: Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer

I read Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting by Wayne Dyer at an amazing retreat on the beach hosted by my wonderful coach. It was truly an incredible weekend of digging out old stories and making room for the new. That next month my husband and I found out we were expecting. Wishes fulfilled indeed! ⁣

In this book, you’ll learn about imagining a very clear picture of who you want to be and your desired life, living life as if that life is already yours, feeling the feelings ahead of time, and taking action towards your future. ⁣

He walks through personal stories, steps to manifesting and rewriting your subconscious mind, and how to live from your highest self. ⁣

The information in this book is eye opening and life changing if you practice it! Enjoy!!

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Self-Coaching in the Check-out Line

Self-coaching in a grocery checkout line:⁣

Looking at the groceries on the conveyor belt of the person ahead of me I notice the Pringle’s, bags of m&ms, frozen French fries, frozen pizza, the box of donuts, etc. ⁣

I notice the thoughts start rolling through like…⁣

Of course a thin woman would be able to eat all of this crap and I’m here buying my organic salad stuff trying to lose weight. [insert internal eye roll]⁣

I really can’t judge her by her body, she could be totally unhealthy on the inside even though she’s thin.⁣

Well, actually I can’t judge either way she could be totally healthy and is able to eat that kind of food just fine.⁣

I notice and I shift to…⁣

She gets to eat what she wants and I get to eat what I want.⁣

I truly don’t want to eat the stuff she’s buying. It’s not healthy for my body. ⁣

I choose to eat certain foods that are nourishing to my body.⁣

Instead of walking away feeling defeated, cheated, and as if the world was against me, and possibly leading to overeating to feel better, I walk away feeling empowered by my grocery selections, loving myself and my life, and go home to eat my delicious salad. ⁣

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