Travel Anxiety Be Gone!

As I am less than 24 hours away from boarding my first international flight, I’m experiencing a sort of travel anxiety that I have never had before in my life. I love flying, I love packing, I love travel prep and traveling in general. But what I do not love is all of the negative thoughts that have started flowing in just today. It’s like I’m getting married tomorrow and all of sudden am feeling those cold feet jitters before I say the big “I do.”

I’m hearing the negative thoughts that stop most people from doing what they really want. Thoughts that begin with “what if…” which are never a great way to start.
“What if you get lost?”

“What if you lose all your cash?”

“What if you piss someone off by not speaking their language?”

“What if… what if…you get arrested in a foreign country!?”

Well, instead of listening to these thoughts, I’m going to drink a hot cup of coffee, put some music on and pack as many cute outfits into my tiny 21″ carryon suitcase as I can and forget the rest! I will most likely get lost. A lot. But I have a great sense of direction and always find my way. I will most likely spend all my cash but I rarely, if ever, lose anything. And I will most definitely piss someone off because I speak very little French and zero Czeck, Polish or Hungarian. And I will try my hardest to follow all the rules to avoid any run-ins with the local law enforcement. You never know!

I’m looking at this trip as the very first step in what I see as the most important part of living, adventures in traveling, learning about and loving other people. This is biggest thing I will have ever done as an adult and I’m actually proud of myself for finally taking the plunge. I never realized how liberating it is to simply have a passport. Now the only obstacles in travel are getting enough money and time off work. And I’ve managed to save enough for this trip and worked my buns off to fully prepare being off work for two weeks so now I know anything is possible.

Well, not everything is possible. Fitting all these clothes into my bag is proving to be much more difficult than all the Pinterest traveling pins make it out to be. Liars. I cannot fit 15 outfits and cute boots and pretty scarves! I gotta have my scarves! What is a girl to do??

All in all, if fitting enough scarves into my bag is really my biggest concern now, I think the travel anxiety is ready to leave me alone and go pick on someone else. I have some exploring to do! Travel anxiety, be gone!