About Emily

Hey there! I’m Emily Heyer and I’m a Certified Integrative Life Coach.

I became a Life Coach because I needed one and once I started applying what I was learning from my coach my life completely changed. I knew I had to help people who were just like me, desperate and deep into an emotional hole I couldn’t get out of myself. ⁣

Within the first year of being in my first coaching program…
✔️I started to lose weight without being miserable.
✔️I started to live with personal integrity…doing what I said what I was going to do.
✔️I started to clear my debts and actually save money.
✔️I stopped living from a place of people-pleaser anxiety.
✔️I forgave my parents and made peace with my childhood.
✔️I became the woman I wanted to be as a wife and mom while I was still single.
✔️I attracted my husband within one week of deciding to intentionally date again. ⁣

When I started my Life Coach Training program I was at a new level in my life so old wounds were popping up disguised as new ones. I had to dig even deeper if I wanted to go higher.
The personal transformation I experienced with my new coach was incredible. ⁣

✔️I relieved chronic low back pain, tied to my fears of financial and home-life stability.
✔️I stopped showing up as a victim/martyr in my relationship and started owning my emotional responsibility.
✔️I cut my past-relationship triggers off before they ruined my new relationship.
✔️I opened myself up to HUGE possibilities like being married and pregnant within one year.
✔️I accomplished personal goals I had previously given up on over and over again.⁣

Now, I’m at another new level in my life as wife, mom, and Life Coach! I’m showing up to this amazing life that I prayed for every single day with so much gratitude and amazement, ready to reach new heights I’ve only dreamed of.⁣

I want to help people who need this work just as desperately as I did.
I want to work with people who are committed to making real change.
I want to show up for people who want to finally show up for themselves. ⁣

If you’ve ever wanted to work with a Life Coach, or just simply feel better, but didn’t know where to start, book a free consultation call and let’s chat!⁣