Applying the PUNCH-LINE Approach as a Busy Mom

For the past month I’ve been intentionally using the PUNCH-LINE Approach to lose weight, while solo-parenting a toddler, with my husband out of town for months, in a new city with no friends or family, during a pandemic. 

I decided to not be the victim of any of these circumstances.

I got still and relaxed my nervous system enough to finally see what was making me anxious, depressed, emotionally eat, yell at my sweet boy, and blame my amazing husband.

What was it? MY THOUGHTS!

Here’s how all of this works…

Presence – I practiced the pause. Took lots of deep breaths and noticed all of the thoughts that were toxic to my wellbeing and flooded the house with negative energy that I’m sure my son was reacting to and wreaking havoc on my body.

Unveil – I saw all the old stories from past childhood trauma, relationship trust issues, self-loathing. For over a year I’ve strongly believed I couldn’t lose weight while breastfeeding. I believed motherhood was too hard. I believed I was alone, not enough, and too much.

Navigate – I moved from blaming my husband for my loneliness, my household hardships, my daily duties being so hard. I stopped reacting to my son’s whining and throwing food on the floor and responded with grace.

Create – I intentionally took time out of my evening when my son was sleeping to visualize what I wanted in life, who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to feel.

How – I took aligned action. I took many different actions from a place of self-love, compassion, forgiveness, and true love for my family, friends, clients I want to serve, and the world. I started to look for ways to move my body, not because I need to punish it for being “bad” but to CELEBRATE myself. I looked for healthy, nutritious food to eat, not to deprive myself but to NOURISH myself. I spent late nights not hustling for my worth in the world but writing and expressing myself. Most important action was asking for help, being vulnerable and willing to be coached to dismantle my own BS.


-12 pound loss in weight in one month

-beautiful, open, honest, and intimate conversations with people I love

-inspiring people in my circle, many blog posts, many late night private messages, many phone calls…true connection and expression.

I’m so thankful that Kim has condensed this process to a simple to use step-by-step system so that anyone can start anywhere, at any time.

Even overweight, lethargic, busy moms who are solo-parenting a toddler, in a new environment, during a pandemic.

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