E A S E & F L O W

This week I’m sharing my favorite quotes from the SECOND half of the book, The PUNCH-LINE Approach, by my very own Coach and Mentor, Kim Guillory. I’m also sharing my own experience in doing this work, as each of the chapters is a step in the process to personal transformation. Enjoy!

Have you ever noticed a moment in your life where everything seemed to be going smoothly? The stars aligned for you, at least in that moment? Or maybe you’ve even had a series of things just falling into place?

Perhaps you’ve felt the opposite, where everything seems to be falling apart? Everything is against you and you just keep seeing problem after problem?

It’s all part of the whole human experience. Each scenario is FOR you. A gift.

One gift is when people, places, and events happen to show you what you need to bring to the surface to heal. What is this mirroring in your heart and mind? What can you learn here?

One gift is when people, places, and events happen to show you that you’re in line with your natural essence, with your thoughts, feelings, and actions, bringing to you what you truly desire.

That is Ease & Flow. When you’re tapped into the Source of all Love and Divinity, you’re moving through life from your Natural Essence and you see life through a new lens.

Those micro-aggravations that turn into huge emotions don’t seem to bother you so much. “That” coworker doesn’t set you off on Monday mornings anymore.

Things happening “out there” stop affecting your peace “in here”.

Through the PUNCH-LINE process you start to brings dreams into reality you’re now living. You align your “someday” or “that would be nice” ideas into “it’s inevitable” and “it’s happening now”.

We drop the judgements, comparisons, BS beliefs, programming, etc. We create NEW neural pathways in the brain. We establish new routines, new ways of being, out of becoming a new person.

We become the calm in the storm as we flow through life, learning the lessons we signed up to learn before we were born, helping others along the way.

Living in Ease & Flow is possible, my friends.

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