This week I’m sharing my favorite quotes from the SECOND half of the book, The PUNCH-LINE Approach, by my very own Coach and Mentor, Kim Guillory. I’m also sharing my own experience in doing this work, as each of the chapters is a step in the process to personal transformation. Enjoy!

When I think of my “natural essence” I imagine little girl Emily who simply wanted to play, entertain, have fun, learn, and experience all of life. Before the societal programming and conditioning. Before she learned that she was too much or not enough. Before she learned that what she wanted wasn’t attainable.

I think of that pureness, that childlike faith, that imagination and creativity. She just wants to come out and celebrate life!

What happened was she interpreted life’s circumstances incorrectly as her fault, that she was bad, she wasn’t doing what she was supposed to by fitting in with everyone else’s ideas of her. She grew up stifling her desires, emotions, passions with food, alcohol and drugs, and later toxic relationships, overworking, debt, chronic fatigue and illness, more overeating, depression and anxiety.

The core of who I am has been here all along. She’s coming out more and more each day as I follow this process and heal all the wounded parts and bring her back to wholeness.

The natural essence of who I AM is the unique expression of Divinity and Love.

This work is to start living from this place, leaving programming, judgements, and comparisons behind, still part of the story yes, but no longer necessary.

What is your natural essence? Are you living your life from that place?

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