This week I’m sharing my favorite quotes from the book, The PUNCH-LINE Approach, by my very own Coach and Mentor, Kim Guillory. I’m also sharing my own experience in doing this work, as each of the chapters is a step in the process to personal transformation. Enjoy!

This is the fun part! Now that you’ve done so much hard work re-wiring your brain in the first three steps, coming to Presence, Unveiling to understand, and Navigating with NEW thoughts, feelings, and actions, you’re ready to start CREATING!

This is all about the NEW vision for your future.

Take some time to come to presence and ask yourself some questions…

If I wasn’t afraid of being seen, having enough or being enough, what do I truly want?

If I had unlimited money, what would I do with my time?

If I felt safe, secure, whole, and loved, who do I want to be in this life?

Imagine yourself, where are you? Who are you with? What are you wearing? What are you doing? How do you FEEL?

The emotions you are feeling during this vision are what you’re really after.Good news! You can create those emotions right now. You already are in this moment of envisioning.

What thoughts do you have to think in order to feel those emotions?

I can do anything.

I am strong.

I am capable.

I am skilled.

I have everything I need in this moment.

I am always provided for.

The more you take the time to consciously create these emotions and align yourself with this future self the closer you get to that person. You start to become him or her NOW.

Why is this important? When you think these thoughts on purpose you create the kind of emotions that fuel the kind of actions that align with these future goals. This is the missing piece in what people talk about as the Law of Attraction. It’s not sitting around wishing and hoping and praying with no personal responsibility.

If we are co-creators in this Universe we do the work on our side with our mind, emotions, actions to see the results come to fruition. This is what manifestation actually is. Not the cute vision board you slap together without a second thought.

Take the time to create the vision, in meditation, writing, vision boards, song and dance, whatever it is to get your creative juices flowing and EXPRESS what’s inside!

“You were created with free will and the ability to create. If you don’t create your own vision, either someone else will, or your circumstances will direct the course of your life instead of you. You already know what would result in your happiness, fulfillment, and contentment. This inner knowing may be hidden beneath baggage, beliefs, stories, and misinterpretations from others or from thoughts that you made up along your journey.”

In my personal journey right now, I’m focusing on my physical health and wellness. I don’t just have a goal weight in mind and just tracking pounds lost, although those are components of this, I’m more focusing on FEELING good in my body now, ahead of losing the actual weight.

I’m losing mental and emotional weight that’s been manifesting as fat stores on my body. I’m releasing old stories and expressing my inner truths so that I’m not inclined to eat instead of feel my feelings.

I then think about how would I eat, drink, and move my body if I had never had extra weight in the first place? If I truly loved myself and cared about the kind of fuel I put inside this awesome machine of a body?

These thoughts create emotions of love, peace, empowerment, excitement which leads to eating and drinking in a healthy way.

The weight is consistently coming off each week because of this process. This is the first time I’ve truly applied all of these steps, getting the results I want, AND feel good throughout the process.

You are creating your life either way, consciously or unconsciously. Might as well be the one to steer the ship in the direction you want!

FEEL the future you want now! It’s so much fun! We talk about the HOW of all of in the next chapter, tomorrow. 🤩

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