Practicing Gratitude for the Body You Have NOW

We can’t make lasting, positive change from a state of negative emotions.

We can’t hate our bodies to health and wellness.

It’s like those famous experiments of speaking positive and negative words to two different plants…over time the positive plant grows and blooms beautifully and of course, the one spoken to with negative words hardly grows in comparison. Our thoughts create emotional frequency that our bodies respond to.

Here’s how I’m practicing gratitude for the body I have right now, from a state of love and compassion versus self-loathing and punishment. I make a list of neutral facts plus some things I already love about my body.

⭐️I have a body.

⭐️I have legs that walk me around.

⭐️I have a belly that grew a baby.

⭐️I have organs that work nonstop all on their own to keep my body running.

⭐️I have hair.

⭐️I have eyes that see so much beauty in the world.

⭐️I have ears that hear music.

⭐️I have lungs that breathe all day and all night.

⭐️I have a mouth and vocal cords that helps me sing to my son and speak my truth.

When I make it a point to look for these things I’m re-training my brain. It’s already very good at looking for problems to solve and seeing all the things that I’ve been taught are “wrong” with my body. The truth is my body is actually perfect as it is now because it’s literally here doing exactly what bodies are made to do. It’s been hard to look at my body and the fat deposits as good or perfect. I’ve been taught to see them as a problem.

But what if fat storage is the exact way your body protects you and keeps you safe? What if the energy in your fat cells is just unused potential? 🤯

Both physical energy to power your body and emotional energy ready to be released. Not a reflection of “bad” character.

If we aren’t processing and expressing our emotions out of our body then it gets stored somehow or another. Whether in fat deposits, like in my body, or as illness and pain, your body has to do something with that energy. We unconsciously feed ourselves food that isn’t in alignment with our highest good because our thoughts are out of alignment.

Let’s process and express old emotions and energy, and focus on creating positive thoughts about the body we have right now. Flushing out the old with new.

Gratitude for everything your body is and does right here in this moment. 🙌🏻

So how do we apply this practically to what we’re putting in our bodies?

Think like this…

If you already loved and accepted all that you are right now, how would you eat? How would you drink? Mindlessly stuffing your face with pizza while watching Netflix? Or taking the time to lovingly prepare meals full of whole foods and nutrients?

Love yourself to wellness. 💗