Part Confessional – Part Invitation

Short version: I’m going to be documenting, sharing mindset tools and discoveries, and all things weight loss and wellness journey in my Mindset + Motherhood group. Wanna join? Click the link down below!

So, it’s obvious I have some extra weight to lose, a lot actually, and I was on a good weight-loss roll right before I met my husband, I had lost about 20 pounds then another 15 after we started dating. It was the first time I was consistent about anything for myself, first time I was losing weight WITHOUT feeling deprived. I was feeling urges that I pushed through and then just like that the urges just stopped coming. It felt so amazing to see the physical results of me re-wiring my brain.

During our new relationship and going through my coach certification, new layers of old trauma unfolded. I was discovering old weeds that needed to be uprooted. I avoided a lot of it and ate off plan to numb myself. Then we got married and had Cory. New trauma of childbirth and postpartum…and again I tried to stay on my normal low-carb plan but was worried about my milk supply so I threw that out and felt this enormous hunger…like all the time. Thanks breastfeeding! I’ve been walking this line of wanting to lose weight again yet not wanting to mess up breastfeeding, thinking it was impossible for me. Then we decided to move to NY and again, tried to eat on plan yet chose to avoid the whole issue and just get through each day. So, here I am, back to where I was before I lost those 35 pounds in 2017. I take full responsibility for avoiding all the emotional stuff I knew would come up from committing to losing weight again. I’m now ready to move forward.

A little background info for those of you who met me in just the last few years, you may not know this but I’ve been trying to lose weight pretty much my whole life, or the past 20 years at least. I’m actually kind of a pro at starting weight loss programs and exercise regimens. I’ve had about 10 different gym memberships and started many, many diets and programs including…starvation/500 calories a day, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, juice cleanses, supplement cleanses, Vegan, Keto, low-carb, calories-in/calories-out, etc etc etc. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, been on and off meds for years. Most recently did a gut bacteria test that was off the charts imbalanced and am currently taking supplements to heal my leaky gut. Since I was 18 I’ve lost and gained about EIGHTY pounds. 

Me, at my lowest weight as an adult. 2009
Me, again at my highest weight. 2020

So, here we are. First thing’s first…grace and compassion for myself. For little Emily who believed what she was told by family, friends, and society, that she was too big, too much, and yet not enough. For young adult Emily who started to live her own life and grow up but didn’t have the tools to deal with traumas, new and old. For wife and mom Emily who avoided her pain to protect herself, yet show up every day for her family. For Life Coach Emily who is still a human, always learning and unlearning.

Now I have all the mindset coaching tools in my toolbox. I have a food plan. I have a workout plan. I am ready to go. Yet, there’s a tiny thing missing for me. I want to share this with other moms who may be in a similar situation, desperate to lose weight or already losing weight, and need just a little bit of inspiration and motivation. Accountability for actions. Support from like-minded folks. There are so many diet/workout/wellness programs out there so I’m not trying to recreate the wheel here. I just want a place we can chat and share without feeling like we’re bombarding our friends and family who have seen our weight loss journey shenanigans over and over. So, I’m going to be documenting, sharing mindset tools and discoveries, and all things weight loss and wellness in my Motherhood + Mindset group. Moms especially need to revolutionize their self-care, whether it’s about losing weight, getting healthier and more fit, or to simply care about the basics like making sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day. This personal revolution has to start within our minds. And we need support to do that.

If you’ve read this far, thank you! I love knowing you read my blog and reading comments and messages about what you think.

If you’re interested in joining, here’s the basic framework:

It’s completely free. Seriously, I just want a space for myself and others like me who need to express, ask questions, and grow.

Weekly weigh-in on Friday mornings where you do not post your actual weight, ONLY the number difference on the scale from the week prior. If I lost 2.4 pounds I would post my comment “-2.4 ” (This is only for accountability and information. No judgement around numbers.)

Once a week post for Non-Scale Victories (NSV), i.e. new size clothing, lost inches, skin clearing up, headaches gone, increased sex drive, etc. 😉

I’ll come in and chat about what’s happening in my emotional eating life, answer questions, share discoveries. 

You can post questions and get coaching from me. This helps you, helps other people in the group see that they’re not alone, and helps me sharpen my coaching skills. Just post with #coaching at the top so we know you’re asking for it. 

You’re free to post food, workout, and general wellness ideas, tips, tricks, etc. but NO pushy salesy junk on any products or programs you’re apart of or sell, and NO private messaging people trying to sell stuff. No time for that. 

BYOP-Bring Your Own Plan: I will not tell you what to eat, how to eat, when to eat, how to workout, to workout at all, or anything of the like. I will only share my own food and movement plans. You choose your thing and commit to it. I help you when you want to quit on yourself. I will also not allow anyone to try to tell you what to do or play Dr. Google and diagnose you. 

The first FIVE people to join the group and commit to a plan with me will receive a free copy of The PUNCH-LINE Approach by my Coach, Kim Guillory. This short and easy-to-read book is the basic framework and toolkit for me as an Integrative Life Coach. This process is what I’ve used to create all the new wonderful things in my life since my major depression in 2016. At my highest weight, coming out of yet another failed relationship, I wanted to die, and coaching changed my life. And it continues to be my life raft.

There are so many groups specific to different diet and exercise plans. I want a place where we get into the nitty gritty of the mindset work required to make real, lasting change. I want a safe, soft place to land each day as we go through this path to wellness. I’m inviting you to join me.

Are you in? 😉

P.S. I’m fully aware that men also have emotional eating and weight issues. However I am not a man, and I want a ladies only group to create a more secluded space to house this kind of vulnerability. I do know a male Integrative Life Coach who specializes in weight loss and wellness who has done the work himself. Private message me if you need help from a male coach. 

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