You Are Not Your Feelings

You are not your feelings. ⁣

You are not your thoughts. ⁣

You are not the brain that creates the thoughts. ⁣

You are not the body that houses the brain. ⁣

You are outside of all of this as Spirit/Soul and are made completely of Love. ⁣

You are just experiencing this body, this brain, these thoughts, these emotions. ⁣

When you can separate yourself from all of this, You can get curious and just watch what your brain is doing. ⁣

This is called awareness, or presence. ⁣

Your brain is simply the hardware and your thoughts are the software, the programming that’s been encoded since you were a fetus. ⁣

You get to choose how you respond to this programming, what you make it mean about You, and if You would like to change it, to reprogram. ⁣

This is the work we do. As a Life Coach, I help you see your thoughts. I help you separate the facts from your thoughts, You from your emotions, You from your actions. You decide what to keep and what to let go. You are your very own healer. I’m just a guide. ⁣

Take a few minutes today and just watch yourself think. Take it a step further and write down these thoughts. ⁣

Do you like what you see? Why or why not? Get curious!