Let’s Raise Kind, Conscious Children

To all the intentional moms out there, I see you! ⁣

We’re doing THE most important work on the planet. ⁣

When we take the time to work on ourselves first so that we raise kind, conscious adults we are literally changing the whole world. ⁣

Making sure that you’ve cleared out old stories so that you don’t overreact in anger is HUGE. ⁣

Clearing limiting beliefs so you become your best self sets the BEST example of what’s possible for those kiddos. ⁣

Loving yourself and showing what it looks like to live a life of abundance and wellbeing gives your children permission to go out and create what they were born to.⁣

If you can believe that you were the exact right mother chosen for each of your children and that everything you’ve been through was for your own good so that you can teach the next generation, you can face each day EMPOWERED to be the real you. ⁣

We don’t need to compare ourselves to other moms, our own moms and grandmoms, or hold onto ideas of what we “should” be like. We just need to mother our children and the world from love. ⁣

If you’ve got your own childhood recovery to do, trying desperately not to recreate the same old junk with your kids, I can help you. Message me and let’s get started.

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