My word for the year: INTENTIONAL⁣

Why? Because I used to live my life in reaction to what was thrown at me, and played a victim and a martyr. Over the past few years I’ve learned how to empower myself, take action from a strong, self-loving place and make real change in my life. ⁣

Now that I’m a wife, mother, and business woman it’s even more important to me to create my life on purpose because it’s not all about me anymore. ⁣

It’s a common misconception that being a people-pleaser is being selfless but it’s actually quite selfish. All I would be worried about was if people approved of me or loved me enough so I can feel good about myself, not truly serving people from a place of wholeness and love. ⁣

When I take care of my own needs and love myself then I’m happy to give from genuine generosity and not obligation. ⁣

I want to show up like this intentionally in all aspects of my life.⁣



-Physical health⁣

-Mental wellness⁣



-Coaching clients⁣


Where are you showing up intentionally? Where are you going unconscious and letting life happen to you? ⁣

These are good questions to ask yourself and evaluate where you can start making these subtle but huge changes in your thinking. ⁣

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