I LOVE Love!

I love LOVE! 💗

Besides the human emotion of love, I believe Love is also the state of being of the Divine Consciousness/God/Universe/Source (however you name it) and it’s the state of being of our own souls.

This belief allows me to connect to my pure loving soul to others here on Earth in a way that rises above our human judgements and comparisons. When I simply tap into that pure state of Love, everything else melts away. It allows for forgiveness and grace, compassion and understanding, strength and resilience, confidence and excitement, inspiration and joy, all of my favorite emotions. Without this foundation of Love, I would be lost and feeling nothing.

I’m pretty sure you would agree it feels amazing to feel love and you want to feel it more often. If that’s true, good news! You get to feel love anytime you want! How?

Get still with yourself, take long, deep breaths, and really let the weight of your mind’s busyness fall away. Think about the people, places, experiences that you love and why. Think about all of the things you love about yourself.

You do not have to wait for anyone to do or say anything in order for you to feel loved. You are loved exactly as you are, in this very moment, simply because you exist. You had to be loved enough to be created and birthed and here you are! You’re loved! Period.

Tap into Love today, no matter your circumstances, no matter what anyone says or does, YOU get to feel the love.

Let it flow in and out to all the people you know and see just how amazing you feel!