How to Stop Feeling Despair

Have you ever felt despair? That feeling that there’s no hope left. There’s nothing to be happy or joyful about. ⁣

With thoughts like…There’s no use.If I try, it won’t make a difference.Because this happened, I’m so sad. My son will never sleep through the night.My husband doesn’t get me.She’s not on my side.Nothing goes my way.⁣

These thoughts are so painful to think and we tend to believe them as absolute truth. We feel terrible. We feel miserable. ⁣

But what if they’re not true? Just because you’ve thought these thoughts over and over doesn’t make them absolutely true. Can you believe that just maybe they’re not true? Just maybe your spouse is on your side. That your child will actually sleep through the night at some point? That things really do happen for you and not against you? ⁣

Start to look for evidence in the world that proves these new thoughts true. ⁣

The truth is that there is always hope. There is always something to be grateful for. You can’t fee gratitude and despair at the same time. ⁣

If you are arguing with me in your head and want to tell me a story to prove your despair, write it all down. Write out all the thoughts and line by line start to question each one. ⁣

Comment below or message me if you need help! I’m here for you. ⁣

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