How to Feel More JOY

Who doesn’t want more JOY in their lives???⁣

I love the emotion of joy. To me, this feels different and deeper than happiness. Happiness seems fleeting and joy is sustaining. ⁣

I live with an inner joy now that I didn’t always have. I used to live with inner apathy and outside happiness. People pleasing my way through life hoping someone would approve of me enough so I could feel good about myself. ⁣

Through a lot of thought work, coaching, and meditation, I have this long-lasting, foundational sense of joy that I get to live this amazing life. ⁣

Joy, an emotion, is of course created by my thoughts about my life. I now believe that my whole life is amazing, including the dark and light, the half positive and half negative, the contrast. ⁣

These beliefs were created by simply practicing new thoughts I hadn’t yet thought were true. I practiced every day. I journaled. I listened to podcasts, read books, and got a lot of coaching to re-wire my brain. Now, JOY is my default instead of apathy and indifference. ⁣

Do you want to feel more joy? What is your default emotion? Did you know you can change it? ⁣

Let me know what you think! Need help with this concept? Comment below or send me a message!