Excavate, Cultivate, Elevate!

Are you preparing for what you really want? ⁣

Once you’ve dug up the old stories and limiting beliefs (THOUGHTS), you can change the story and decide how you want you want to think and feel instead (EMOTIONS).⁣

After you make the decision, no looking back! You’re ready but what’s next? ⁣

Aligned ACTION.

You must take the steps toward the changes you want to make that align with your new thoughts and feelings.⁣

When you think thoughts that make you feel EMPOWERED you will take different actions than if you felt depleted, for instance. What do you DO when you feel they way you want to? ⁣

These actions are CULTIVATING your life, preparing for what’s to come. ⁣

It looks like this…⁣

Cleaning out one half of your closet for your future life partner you’re attracting to your life.💗⁣

Creating the product of your future clients’ dreams.

Waking up every morning at the same time to make sure you write your book within a certain timeframe.🤓⁣

Setting out your workout clothes the night before, preparing for the run you marked in your calendar.🏃🏽⁣

These are just a few examples of the unlimited ways to prepare and act in the way your future self would tell you of how he/she achieved those goals on your vision board. ⁣

How are you showing up today for your future self? What aligned actions are you taking towards your dreams? ⁣

If you’re feeling stuck with this step, just go back to square one, your thoughts! ⁣

If you need help, this is where a coach comes in handy! We all need help looking at our own brains. 🧠⁣

Let’s EXCAVATE the old, CULTIVATE with aligned action, so we can ELEVATE to a whole new level! 💪🏼⁣