You’re Worthy of Your Dreams!

Are you the kind of person who hates New Year’s resolutions? You think “what’s the point? I’m just gonna give up anyway.”⁣

You stopped making goals because you’ve given up so many times in the past that you figure it’s not worth your time. ⁣

Perhaps you’ve stopped dreaming of a new life because you don’t believe you are worthy of those dreams anymore.⁣

It’s safe inside my comfort zone.⁣

It’s easier to stay in this job.⁣

It’s easier to stay single in my apartment.⁣

It’s fine to only make just enough money to pay my bills.⁣

It’s easier to keep taking all of the prescriptions with side effects than to eat better. ⁣

It’s easier to rack up more credit card debt than to say no to happy hours and save money. ⁣

Whether it’s at the start of a new year, a new month or just a regular Tuesday, you can decide right now that you are worthy of more. You can start believing that the pain of achieving a goal is worth the growth you experience in the end. The accomplishment won’t even be the best part…the person you have to become to reach it is the actual prize. ⁣

What dreams have you stifled away that you can dig back up? What can you start today? ⁣

Dream it, do it, become it. ⁣

You are worthy of your dreams coming true.⁣

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