What’s Your 2020 Vision?

What does this next year look like for you? ⁣

What do you see? ⁣

How do you want to feel when you look back next January?⁣

However you answer these questions will determine how you experience it. ⁣

There are millions of dollars spent in advertising this month to get you to buy lots of weight loss and fitness programs, supplements, gym memberships, workout clothes, water bottles, etc. all to make you believe you will be happier when you “get in shape” or whatever fill-in-the-blank goal it is. ⁣

Let this be at least one social media post reminding you that you are whole, complete, beautiful, unique, and WORTHY just as you are right this second. ⁣

You will not feel happier once you lose weight, gain muscle, etc. ⁣

The way you FEEL is determined by how you THINK right now and once you’ve accomplished a goal. ⁣

So how about feeling that feeling you desire, on purpose, ahead of time? ⁣

Try it out today. If you want to feel love for your body, start to think thoughts that produce the emotion of love. ⁣

I love my body’s ability to carry me through life. ⁣

I love how my legs walk me around with stability and balance.⁣

I love how my body functions in millions of ways to keep me alive all without me thinking about it.⁣

I love how my body has the ability to protect me, the ability to hug a loved one, the ability to experience an abundance of life’s pleasures. ⁣

I am grateful for the amazing human body I have and all that it does. ⁣

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