Self-Coaching in the Check-out Line

Self-coaching in a grocery checkout line:⁣

Looking at the groceries on the conveyor belt of the person ahead of me I notice the Pringle’s, bags of m&ms, frozen French fries, frozen pizza, the box of donuts, etc. ⁣

I notice the thoughts start rolling through like…⁣

Of course a thin woman would be able to eat all of this crap and I’m here buying my organic salad stuff trying to lose weight. [insert internal eye roll]⁣

I really can’t judge her by her body, she could be totally unhealthy on the inside even though she’s thin.⁣

Well, actually I can’t judge either way she could be totally healthy and is able to eat that kind of food just fine.⁣

I notice and I shift to…⁣

She gets to eat what she wants and I get to eat what I want.⁣

I truly don’t want to eat the stuff she’s buying. It’s not healthy for my body. ⁣

I choose to eat certain foods that are nourishing to my body.⁣

Instead of walking away feeling defeated, cheated, and as if the world was against me, and possibly leading to overeating to feel better, I walk away feeling empowered by my grocery selections, loving myself and my life, and go home to eat my delicious salad. ⁣

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