What does it mean to be resilient?⁣

I used to think I was resilient. I mean, I could tell you a lot of stories of the adversity I’ve been through to prove it. But it wasn’t until I started my deep dive into myself over the past couple of years with coaching that I realized I wasn’t so much resilient as I was really good at buffering my emotions with food, alcohol, and shopping. And if I just couldn’t take it anymore I would just quit whatever I was trying to accomplish and just lie to myself saying that it just wasn’t my thing anymore or blame something outside of myself.⁣

If I had a problem usually one or all of the above would help ease my suffering…or so I thought. ⁣

Turns out I was just adding suffering on top of suffering by not processing my emotions, overeating and gaining weight, over-drinking and suffering hangovers and bad decisions, overspending and going into debt. ⁣

I’ve since learned that resilience comes from doing things even when they’re hard. ⁣

Feeling uncomfortable and even super painful emotions. ⁣

Doing the work on yourself that you’ve been avoiding. ⁣

Taking responsibility for your own emotions and your own life. ⁣

It may suck right now but it pays off later. Apply this to any circumstance and you will see that you have the power of resilience inside. ⁣

You can overcome anything if you’re willing to feel any emotion. ⁣

When you realize you can feel the worst of the worst and not drop dead from that emotion you build a self-confidence like never before.⁣

I can do super, really hard, uncomfortable things.⁣

I can feel any emotion. ⁣

I am resilient.

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