Question Everything

Asking myself this question every single day and I hope you might consider asking yourself the same.

“What if there is even a possibility that I might be wrong about this?” 

If we ask ourselves to question our thoughts, the programming, the software in our hardware of a brain, belief systems, everything we’ve been raised to know as truth, then we might find that we don’t actually like how some of these thoughts make us feel and act, that they’re no longer serving us or the world, and perhaps we might let them go. 

Take for instance, racism. I’ve met people who at one point believed their own race was superior to others, or just that one specific race was lower than everyone else, and that over time, listening to people, getting to know people, questioning the beliefs they were taught in their childhood, that they now understand that original thought to not be true. It was never true, that we are all equal. They now show up as a person who loves all people, feeling their own love, and serving the world from a much better emotion than hate or disgust.

I remember at one point I tried on the belief a pastor tried to instill in me that being gay is absolutely wrong, an abomination, and condemnable to hell. I really tried to believe this because I thought in order for myself to be seen as good in God’s eyes, I must also believe being gay is an abomination. I actually told an amazing friend, who is gay, this belief. It felt terrible and I showed up as the least friendly person I could have to this friend. Afterward, I questioned it. I questioned and researched and prayed and decided that I do not believe the thought that this pastor tried to drill in. It just never really made sense to me with all the texts and teachings about how divine and perfect the Love of God really is. I apologized to my friend and never once regretted leaving that thought behind.  

I’ve decided to continue believing all people are equal no matter what. 
With so much programming in this world it is so important for you to decide what you believe, to not take every single headline, comment, story, word-of-mouth review, as fact.

Question everything. 

Question what your parents taught you to believe about yourself or others if believing those thoughts makes you feel and act terrible. Question that comment your old high school boyfriend made about your thighs that has replayed in your mind for 20 years, making you believe you’re not attractive. Question the thought you created when you were fired about not being smart enough. Question that “news article” you just read about a politician when it was most likely written as opinion in a blog post that has a newsy look to it. 

Strip everything down to the most boring facts and then decide how you want to color your story. Rewrite it with what you choose to believe because that will determine how you feel emotionally, which determines how you act, how you show up in your family, your work, your whole world, which ultimately determines your results in life, how you perceive reality. 

We are all creating stories every single day with our thoughts. None of us see the world as it really is. People who claim to be a “realist” or “cynic” are also creating their own story, from their previous programming. There is no such thing as any human seeing everything 100% objectively, it’s just not possible with how our brains work. 

Question the beliefs that aren’t doing any good. Rewrite your story. Create a new reality.