Mining Our Minds for True Love

All my single ladies!

Even though I’m now married and expecting a little baby this Summer, I very much remember the joys and sorrows of my single life. 

Last night we were watching some show about old gold miners sifting through all the rocks, dirt, and mud just to find that teeny tiny speck of real gold. Allllllllll that hard work to get to the real stuff. I made the comment “Wow, reminds me of my early dating life.”

That’s what dating can feel like. A bunch of hard work, first date after first date, hoping for that true gold, but wondering if you’re really meant to have that joy. Or if all the “good ones” are gone. Any real men left in this world!? 

I know I used to question myself and God so much. Was I even meant to be in a relationship? Was I even cut out for it? Would anyone ever really love me? All of me? I have so many flaws, how could someone see past them all to the gold in my heart?

I got so down on myself, so deep in my depression that I started to smother that desire for a relationship, marriage, motherhood. I started to believe it wasn’t in the cards for me and that I should just love the friends and family I had and enjoy the kids in my life. Be the best Aunt Emmie I could be and just be happy with that. I would still date but never expect a real relationship, real love or intimacy, just have fun. Isn’t that what all the cool girls on Instagram are doing now a days anyway? Fine with me.

Well, my friends, it wasn’t fine with me. My depression got worse. Not because I needed a man to love me to be happy. No. It was because I wasn’t loving myself. I was ignoring myself. I wasn’t taking care of my own needs and desires. I wasn’t being a good partner to myself. Of course, no good partners were showing up in my life.

I want you to know that I feel you. I got your back. I remember these struggles so well. If you’re in this chapter, I can help you turn the next page. I have the tools to rewrite this story. It’s definitely not a fairy tale, and there’s no living “happily ever after” once the ring is on your finger but I know how to do the work to make yourself happy and complete now so that when your path collides with your partner you’re ready. 

I can help you sift through the mud and muck in your brain and first find the gold in YOU. 

If you have this true desire, please don’t stifle it. Please don’t give up. Let’s do this work together!

Your partner will show up and you will each recognize the golden glow in each other. 💛


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