I Coach Men, Women AND Couples!

Did you know that I coach women, men, AND couples? Yep, I sure do. 

I remember when I booked my first male client, I was a little unsure of how it would go and did a bunch of self-coaching before the first session. I had some FALSE beliefs that men weren’t as emotionally accessible, they’re always told to be tough and not cry, that they would think that what I do is too mushy for them. Five minutes into my session with him I was delighted to see how open, ready and willing he was to work on himself. 

Male or female, those are the clients I love working with! 

It can be scary to make a decision to work with a coach, especially if you’ve been taught some false beliefs yourself. If you’ve been a bit hardened by what the world tells you to be and what emotions mean. But once you do make that decision, you will feel relief and excitement for the opportunity to make real change in your life! I know I did!

This goes for women or men, single or in a relationship, alone or in a session with your partner, it takes the same courage and desire to change. We’re all humans with human brains that need work so we can show up as the best version of ourselves in our relationships. 

If you’ve been thinking about signing up for coaching, I’m only taking FOUR more clients for my 4-week program at the introductory price for the next month, before I go on maternity leave. After that I will be working with 6 and 12 week program clients only.

Message me to schedule your FREE consultation call before spots fill up!

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​If you’re interested learning more about the tools and concepts I write about here on the blog, and want to take this work to a deeper level in your own life, book a free coaching call with me! Click HERE to use my online scheduler to find a time that works best.