What Are Your Beliefs?

Hey you! Did you know that you’re actually good enough? 

That thing you’re wanting to go do, that person you want to become, that dream you’re trying to push away, you’re actually good to go! 

Yeah, I don’t know the details of your story and I bet you have a list of reasons why you don’t believe you’re good enough to pursue those passions and goals…BUT I do know that I used to believe I wasn’t good enough and I overcame it. I went for some CRAZY impossible things and made it happen. I couldn’t have done it without my belief in myself. 

I used to think if I could just convince a bunch of people to believe in my dream and get THEIR validation in it THEN I could muster up enough belief in myself. That pretty much never happened because most people will be polite and listen to your dream but think they’re being “realistic” and let you know that your dream is a bit too crazy. 

It’s okay! They’re just trying to save your feelings. They don’t want you to get disappointed if you don’t reach your goal. But guess what, it really has nothing to do with you or your goal. Their thoughts are about THEM and what they believe to be true for themselves. It shows their limiting beliefs and they’re entitled to those. But you don’t have to take them on. 

You can create your own belief with or without ANYONE’S approval. 

It really is true. 

Almost two years ago I had this wild, impossible dream to be married and expecting a child in the next year. I wasn’t even dating anyone. Like no one. Friends and family thought this was just another one of those crazy Emily dreams. (It was!) Then I got to work on my beliefs, got coached, did some more work, and about a week and a half later met my now husband and co-parent-to-be! 

You don’t need anyone’s validation, you don’t need to lose weight first, get the right job first, make a certain amount of money first…all you need is belief. 

Here are some sample thoughts you can try on. Write them out and see how they feel to you. If it doesn’t fit, ask yourself why, again and again, until you get down to the real belief and see how you might be able to let it go. Do you really need to keep it and can you create a new one? 

✨I believe I am good enough just as I am, right here, right now for all of the wonderful things that I envision for myself.

✨My past does not determine my future. I create ALL NEW possibilities from now on. 

✨I may not deserve what happened to me in the past but I deserve everything I create today. I am in charge of my reality. 

✨I am a human and humans are capable of INCREDIBLE things.


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