I’m Here For YOU.

I’m here for YOU. Yes, you, who wonders if things will ever get better. 

You who thinks maybe you’re not cut out for this. 

You who feels lonely, lost, searching. 

Whether you’re in a relationship, single, going through divorce, grieving…you’re thinking that maybe this is your lot in life. Perhaps the life that everyone else seems to be living is not in the cards for you.

You want to be a mother, a partner, a soulmate, a lover, a beloved. Yet, your belief that it can actually happen for YOU is dwindling and you’re starting to cover up your desires with cynicism. Your heart is hardening by each crack and crevice where it was broken before. 

The light is dimming and you can only see blurs of lost possibility and disappointment. mixed with the last remnants of hope. 

I know you. 

I was you. 

I have learned to believe in something new, to create something new, to live something new. 

I have come out of the pit of dark thinking and can shine a light on your own pathway out. 

You decide. Will you ask for help or will keep your old beliefs close because they feel safe? 

Can you take a chance on something you haven’t tried before? Take a leap? 

I can hold your hand and leap with you. What will you choose?


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