Post Mother’s Day Blues

Got a little post-Mother’s Day blues this morning? 

Like after most holidays we can experience a little let down from what we thought the day was going to be like. 

Did you subconsciously (or maybe consciously!) think that your husband would treat you like the golden goddess that you are and not let you lift a finger all day? 

Or that your kiddos would somehow realize the importance of this day and just know not to ask you for anything? To somehow not need or want you? To give you a friggin break???

Or did you have brunch with your mom and realize that she’s the same mom that bugs you whenever you get together and she didn’t get the memo to not nag you or tell you how you mother your own kids is wrong on this oh-so-special-all-about-you day?

Or perhaps you saw all the Instagram ads and posts about how special Mother’s Day is and how you should be showered with so many wonderful gifts and if the people who are in your life REALLY love you they will for sure know exactly what gift you would want even though you’ve never expressed that desired gift…

Sound familiar? 

Sometimes when we plan ahead for a holiday or even just a normal weekday in regular life we can let our brains run away from us, creating grand illusions of the fairytale life we would like or what social media tells us we deserve. All the while the people around us are being exactly who they are, as is their right. 

So what’s the problem here? Well, unmet expectations can grow and fester into bitterness, resentment, and even anger, when all the while loving people where they’re at feels SO MUCH BETTER. 

Instead of feeling disappointment, we can feel love and contentment. 

Yesterday went EXACTLY how it should have went. How do we know this? Because it happened. Whatever happened or didn’t happened is neutral. Whatever you decide to think about it determines how you feel about it. 

If you’re feeling a little blue today, disappointed, or even mad, just remember that it’s all a choice. Sometimes we want to feel upset and that’s okay. 

Feel it. Process it. Let it go. Create a new day. 

We are all golden goddesses. Let’s decide to feel empowered, okay?! Rock on, Mama!


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