The stuff people don’t like to post on social media…

Being pregnant with a flood of hormones has been rough for me mentally/emotionally. I don’t have a ton of physical symptoms like terrible nausea or vomiting but my brain sure does like to play tricks on me. I thought for sure that with all of my thought work and training that this would be easy. Ha!  Add on top of a new pregnancy, planning a wedding within two months, some major changes at work, finishing coach training and trying to launch a business, etc. Whew!

Everyone has stress, I’m not complaining, just offering that all of the pictures and posts on social media don’t always paint the most accurate picture of what it’s like to be pregnant and married for the first time. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

My brain has offered up thoughts like…

What did I do? I’m not ready for all of this. 

Did I make a mistake? Can we really take this on all at once?

I’m not energetic enough for all of this. I’m surely going to fail myself and everyone else. 

What if I lose my job too and I don’t have enough to cover everything? 

I don’t have enough time or money to do everything I want to do this year. 

My body was already too big and now it’s getting bigger. I have more acne now than ever in my life. I’m disgusting. 

I’m not going to be the perfect mom I’ve always wanted to be. 

I want to have a natural birth but what if I can’t handle it? I will be embarrassed if I have to have drugs or a c-section. 

I can’t tell anyone about any of my problems because it will seem like I’m complaining and not thankful for all of these gifts. People will judge me.

Now, obviously, these are thoughts that can come and go in a second. Sometimes, I have just one of these that I will truly believe and let it ruin my day or be the catalyst for a fight with my husband. Sometimes, my brain lets one of these thoughts out of the vault and I’m seriously shocked that I could think that because I really would never choose to believe it. 

When I do believe one of these thoughts they create certain emotions, i.e. fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, grief. Those emotions are not driving positive actions that would be beneficial to my circumstances. I intellectually know this by looking at myself from the outside, but sometimes I’m not able to see it right away and I get stuck in the spin cycle of negative thoughts. 

This is all okay. Having thoughts and emotions is normal. My brain is just trying to protect me from harm, unknowns, and all the scary stuff “out there”. 

I know that I can allow these thoughts and emotions come up and release them. I don’t need to keep them as my little pet, rethinking the thoughts so much that they become beliefs.

After I thank my brain for trying to protect me, I can say, now, let’s see what we would really like to believe. 

Here’s what I’m offering my brain instead:

I’m exactly the mother I am meant to be. 

Everything happens in the time it needs to. There is no rush to complete any project. 

I am always provided for. 

My husband loves me the way I am in this very moment. 

My body is strong and can handle much more than I think. 

Taking drugs for pain during labor or having a c-section are okay if that’s what I end up needing. Many babies are born in many ways and end up just fine. 

My body will recover in exactly the process it needs to. 

Everyone is rooting for me and I cannot fail anyone.

Failure is growth if you keep going. 

Just keep going.