A Lesson In The Illusion of Anxiety

“What if” and “should” type of thoughts came in and created a full blown anxiety attack last night…why?

Because as I create more and more amazing things in my life my ancient instincts are trying to protect me from getting hurt so the brain comes up with “what if” and presents some terrible possible outcome.

Or I’m thinking of too many possible positive outcomes and become overwhelmed of having to do so many things and thinking I “should” be better, faster, or more perfect at something.

The seemingly protective worry causes so much suffering. The first step isn’t just stop thinking about it (try telling someone that who is having an anxiety attack) but to let it all come out.

For me, that means a lot of tears. This time, instead of medicating myself with food, alcohol or Netflix, I cried. I talked it out. I let it all flow.

Then the waves passed and I asked myself if this came up from fear of success. If by reaching new levels, peeling back old layers, I’m discovering residue from old hurt. Pretty much! Thanks, Brain!

I then could begin to think rationally. The illusion faded and I could then decide what I would rather think instead of the anxiety causing thoughts.

Everything will be okay.

I can do anything I want, I am worthy of it all.

I am prepared for whatever may come.

I have the tools to overcome all possibilities.

Worrisome thoughts pretend to be productive and important. It’s an illusion that we can control the future by overthinking. We can use these thoughts as lessons and move on, not let them spin us further and further into darker depths.

Happy Tuesday!