Today, I am 30 years old.

Today, I am 30 years old.

I feel like I’ve been waiting to be 30 my whole life. I know it sounds weird but for the longest time I thought that life happens in your thirties….just like in the movies. All the cool women I wanted to be like seemed so much older and wiser but still young looking and beautiful. Today, I reflect back on the last decade of my twenties and realize how little good waiting for today really did for me. I try hard not to regret anything in life and look at everything as a learning experience rather than a failure. Still, it’s hard not to regret some of the things we’ve done…especially in our twenties. We suddenly have adult freedom without any of the adult wisdom we think we should have. A combination for potential disaster…or learning experiences, however you want to look at them.

I have had many learning experiences in the past ten years that have certainly made me wiser, yet, I suppose with this wisdom comes the knowing that I’m not that wise at all and still have so much to learn.

When I turned 29 last year, I looked ahead at 30 glaring at me and decided that I didn’t want to enter this new decade with any of the “problems” I had in my twenties. So I worked very hard on my self-coaching and have solved most of those problems with simply choosing new mindsets, new ways of thinking about my past, present, and future. Lo and behold, this is the secret to happiness and wellbeing. Do not get me wrong when I say this, as I don’t want to come across as having figured everything in life out, cuz I don’t! I still have thought errors that will keep me spinning in anxiety and fear for no good reason…on a regular basis. However, I now know that this suffering is all a choice and in my control. These thoughts are optional and when I set my mind to coaching myself through these issues, I come out of the fog so much more quickly and most of the time without self-sabotaging. Most of the time.

In this past year I’ve created so much abundance and love in my life. I’ve manifested things, opportunities, and people to me I couldn’t have imagined I had the power to do when I was just a little girl watching those women in movies and TV. I finally feel like my own real, vulnerable life is so much better than those stories. My own story is what matters most to me.

I’ve learned to let go of questioning why things are the way they are and simply focus on contributing more and loving more.

The questions I ask myself now are:

How will I create more joy in this life?

How will my future self be proud of me and the work I’m doing today?

How can I Love more?

What would Love do?

How can I move toward Love every day?

So, I’ve come to look at this new decade ahead right in the eye, with solid feet on the ground, a wildly passionate heart, and a clear mind full of creativity, ready for more!

Onward, upward, and loveward.

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