20 Pounds GONE!

I’m proud to announce that I’ve officially lost 20 pounds as of this morning!! Avoiding sugar and flour along with intermittent fasting works you guys. That doesn’t mean I’ve 100% avoided those white, powdery culprits as I’ve let some life into my living but every time I ate off protocol I was conscious of it and 90% of the time it was planned in advance. No losing control for a whole weekend after one rogue meal. It’s okay to just jump right back on path the very next meal.

Another lesson I’ve learned in the past few months is that weight loss progress is never a straight line down the bar graph for me. I lose a few pounds quickly and then nothing for a week or two, then lose another one or two, then up one or two, then lose a few again. It’s up and down and I’m okay with that now. I’ve let go of the the imagined timeline of when I should lose all my weight and I’m just enjoying the process of loving myself into wellness.

It really is amazing to be living a life where my thoughts are not consumed with food and when I’m going to get to eat next. I know that with letting my body burn its own fat stores by not eating sugar and flour, it can go hours and hours without food and be fine. I’ve noticed when I see the most significant drops in weight is when I’m working out fasted. I typically only eat between the hours of 12pm-8pm. Sometimes I continue a longer fast and not eat until dinner by skipping lunch. Sometimes I eat only lunch and no dinner. I rarely have times where I feel like I have “low blood sugar” and have to eat immediately. If I go to a party or event where there isn’t any food I’m willing to eat, it’s okay because I can just go without food and not feel deprived or starving the whole time.

That is what freedom feels like. It’s amazing.

I have more weight loss goals, of course, but I’ve let go of beating myself up should my imagined timeline not come to fruition. Weight loss is both an art and a science. It’s tricky and challenging but oh so worth it!

Here’s to the next twenty!