A New Month, A New Chapter

Since July 1st, I’m down 15.1 pounds.

Yes, that .1 of a pound matters to me!

I wanted to lose 20 pounds by today but 15.1 it is! I’ve become pretty specific with my eating protocol but I will continue to see where I can adjust to further my mission. I’ve lost a quarter of a pound per day on average and I would be A-OK with that rate until I’m at my ideal weight.

What is the saying? A quarter pounder a day keeps the doctor away? Sounds good to me!

This month in my Self-Coaching Scholars program, is about “How To Get It Done” and we are to choose a specific goal that is measureable and will blow our own minds by the end of the month. Since I’m already on the weight loss train and have a regular monthly goal, I wanted to pick something hard that I’ve never been able to do before in order to blow my own damn mind.

Here it is. A daily meditation/yoga practice. Yes, I’ve practiced both meditation and yoga for years but never consistently, and certainly not daily. The more I read books about self-development, and even business development, the more I’m learning how important a daily meditation or quiet time routine is to our mental and physical health. I’ve “known” this for years but have never truly applied it. If by the end of this month I’ve implemented a daily practice I will be blown away.

I want to be someone that commits to a practice and makes no excuses. How do I become that kind of person? I just do it. I get up and do it every single day. Even with all the BS I want to tell myself about how hard it is and how I deserve to be lazy sometimes.  

I deserve to give myself the gift of this practice.

Since I’m not focusing on a hardcore workout regimen at this point in my weight loss path, I’m excited for yoga because it moves my body without a harsh bootcamp or a ton of gym bros in my face. I have visions of going through a yoga teacher training in my future but I want to make sure I can be consistent with my own practice first and this is the month I’m going to prove that to myself. 

Yoga and meditation are not only a great time to heal my own mind and body but I also plan to use it as a specific time to pray for the world. I would love to see more of us do this and watch how powerful all of our focused energy and attention on healing can be.

The mind is the most powerful tool in the world. 

So here’s to a new chapter at the start of a new month! Happy September!


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