Free Your Mind

“Free your mind, and the rest will follow”

We all love that song as a lesson in not judging people because of skin color but those lyrics really stand out to me today for all of life. I have never understood it so much as I do right now. When your mind is tied up in anxiety, stress, and fear, you are not really living your purpose. It’s a slow death. The experience of our life comes from our mind, not the external world. If that is really true, then that’s the best news. I can’t control the rest of the world, but I am in control of my own experiences.


I believe we all came to this world into physical form to try out this human stuff, wanting to learn and grow all we can. If we look at each circumstance and experience as an opportunity to learn then life opens up to abundance and freedom. When I look at something I perceive as bad, evil, terrible, I can choose to observe it, feel it out and accept that half of my life experience will include negative emotion. Balance.

Or, I can resist it, push against it, and create even more negativity for myself and others.

I love knowing that I have the freedom to choose.

There are certainly times I choose to feel sadness, sorrow, and cry for the hurting of the world. But I don’t act from that place. I choose to move forward with my purpose to learn and grow. And that does not happen when retreating into the dark corners of my mind hoping to keep myself safe from the world.

Vulnerability is strength.

Opening up to all that life has to offer includes the risk of heartache, loss, physical pain, and even death! I know that I can feel any emotion and move forward. It will not kill me. And when I do physically die, my soul lives on in freedom, moving on to the next life with more lessons learned.

It’s a win-win.

I can look at any outcome as potentially positive because of the growth that can come from it. These are all choices and everyone is given that choice, no matter their circumstances. Yes, even the oppressed, the enslaved, the torn down, the crapped on. We’ve all seen and heard of the people who THRIVE after incredible trauma, emotional or physical. How can that be?

We can all move forward, inch by inch, day by day, staying open, staying loving, staying light.

How are you going to feel when you are looking back on your life and you stayed safe and cozy for most of it? Will you feel proud or will you feel like perhaps you could have risked more, loved more, experienced more?

I think I will regret a safe life. How do I know? Because I already look back at my past and see how I missed so many opportunities.

I think I will be so thankful when I’ve used up every bit of my experiences for learning, for good, and for love.

Without unnecessary stress, worry, and fear, you are free to see just what you’re made of and what’s possible. Stress, worry, and fear are all imaginary traps our animal brain likes to use to keep us safe inside the cave.

How cool is it that it’s all up to you to be free?

“It’s okay, brain. I know you’re looking out for me but everything is actually alright. Thank you but I got this.”

I feel freedom in my mind, body, and soul when I imagine a life fully lived. Freedom in loving people I don’t quite understand. Freedom in putting my true self out there for everyone to see, with the possibility of critique or rejection. Freedom in doing things I never thought I could or would do and seeing just how strong I am. Freedom in trusting myself.

This comes with falling down on my face. This comes with huge failures. This comes with not doing it right all the time. That’s okay with me. I’m free anyway.


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