Thursday Thoughts

Here are some thoughts and questions floating around in my head lately. Feel free to borrow them and practice them, as I have. They feel pretty good to me!
I can do anything I want to.

Other people can do anything they want to.

I have the power to create the experience I want in this world.

Nothing happens to me, it happens for me.

I love to live my purpose, showing people they are loved and worthy.

How can I add even more value?

What will I do today that I will thank myself for tomorrow?

My vulnerability is my strength.

My willingness to feel any emotion in life fuels my actions towards my dreams.

Worrying about worry is useless.

Anxiety about anxiety is a trap.

Telling yourself you’re not good enough is a lie.

Adversity is a beautiful teacher.

Regret is a lonely companion, you deserve better.

Money is not evil or limited.

Education leads to compassion.

You don’t have to be fearless to be courageous.

Love is never wrong, even when it hurts.

Love and laughter are the best healers.

I am here to inspire joy, laughter, dance, and love.


Thanks for reading!!! I love to hear back from readers. What do you think about this topic? Have you had similar experiences? What helped you the most? Please comment below!

*I do not make any money off of this blog. I don’t get any kickbacks from products or books I write about. Just sharing the love!