The 29th on the 14th

So, it begins, the last year in my 20s. For a few months now, thinking ahead to this 29th birthday, I started asking myself some serious questions, receiving some fascinating answers, and taking some serious action. I’m not sure why, although I’m sure a lot of people can relate, but turning 30 meant a lot to me growing up. I knew that this milestone signified something. That “something” has changed over the years but as I get closer I know what it means to me today. My commitment for this year has been to work on myself so much that I shed all of the lingering issues that no longer serve me. The ideas is that as I turn 30 next year, I will have created a sturdy top layer on this foundation upon which I will rebuild and reinvent myself. I believe a lot of my gifts, strengths, ideas, and desires are all bubbling up to the surface right now, ready to come out and serve the world. I will be making some large and in charge changes to my life and I’m excited. (No, I am not getting a sex change, I’ve already been asked.) I’ve been weighing pros and cons of a few different ideas and I’m still wrestling around with a couple that have made it to the final round. The beauty is that I don’t have to know the how, just the what. I can let go of needing to know every detail and simply live each day to the very fullest, with the most love, for the highest good for all.

Today has not been an “epic” birthday in the popular sense of the word, but to me, today will go down as a truly enlightening day. I opened myself up to receive messages, healing and wisdom from God/Source/Universe, etc., and boy did I. Some details are mostly private to me but I do have messages for everyone. Here’s what the Truth says to us all…

Love really is everything.
We are too busy and too deaf to hear the truth that we so desperately ask for.
We have to quiet down and listen to live in peace.
There is always more than enough for everyone, forever. There is no need for greed.
Everything we need to know is already within us.

I know, I know, it’s sounds very hippy dippy of me but you’re welcome.

So, it begins, this 29th year on the 14th of March. Another year that I journey and explore the depths of this life and how I can be of service. Today is really just another day. Another marker in time. If you even believe in time as it has been said that it’s just an illusion, along with space. But in this realm as we know it, today is important to me not because it’s my birthday, but because I’ve been opened up in ways I couldn’t imagine. I feel lighter. Calmer. Peaced out. Relaxified. And yes, a little wiser.

It has been a very happy birthday to me, the 29th on the 14th.

What were the most memorable birthdays for you?


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